Sunday, May 31, 2009

Valkyrie, Trojans, and Marines

I totally need to get off Facebook and spend more time my blog. I mean, I guess I am diagnosed with a really common disorder aka Facebook Obsession Disorder. I guess it is part of growing up.

Operation Valkyrie was never carried out. We have planned it pretty well but since we are all seniors, I get we don't need to care. Wait, I guess I should explain to classified operation here. There is this one teacher at our school who doesn't care about us and messes us up (I can' say her name since the internet is not safe anymore. My school spies us). She even set up a fake Facebook account under another name and kept a huge portfolio of everyone's Facebook info in her office. So after watching the movie Valkyrie, we planned to initiate the operation within our school, but I guess we don't have the balls to. So we just ignore about her since it is our senior year and we will be out. We will just leave it to some underclassman.

By the way....... I got into USC! Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!!!!! Ironic, as now I am going against UCLA! I remember that morning when I was eating breakfast mom sort of shrieked and I got into her room when she was on the phone. Grandpa phoned her saying that they got my acceptance letter! Ladies, you better watch out for the Homeister cause I am gonna rock the hell out of LA!

Oh yeah, I am 18. Yeah baby! I am LEGAL (That only applies to Hong Kong)! Now no need to worry about raids and stuff. Last week we were at a huge party and we got raided. So Drew and I started to build a pyramid with our ID cards (yeah, only two cards, which was kinda fail) while the underage were hiding. What now?

And we just had our prom last week. I asked Bianca again and she say yeah. So we had a pre-prom at Ana's. When I arrived, everyone stared at me. Yes, I am wearing a Marine uniform. That's right, while every other guy is wearing the same boring suit, I arrived with a dark blue uniform with gold buttons and red lining plus a pair of light blue pants and a smart white belt. I hope Bianca liked her special date. By the way, Bianca looked really gorgeous. Your way too beautiful...

And when we get to Conrad (that's where our prom was at), I was walking down the grand staircase to the ball room when everyone stared at the two of us. Then Austin started clapping and cheering and everyone did the same thing as if I was someone important. Way too overwhelmed but love those guys. I love senior year. I really do. Best year of my life. Can't believe I am graduating (sob*)

The Marine and the princess

When parents crashed prom (awkward moment)

Friday, January 23, 2009

collage and college

I just hate exam.  Don't even wanna mention about it.  

Anyway a few days ago, we were supposed to make a collage with different pictures.  Check it out.  
Btw yesterday while I was checking my email I let out a scream that scared the crap out of everyone in the morning.  Yup, I got accepted to USF (University of San Francisco).  Although it is only my safety school, I am going to college!  Well hope I can get more good news.  

Friday, November 14, 2008

senior year so far


I feel bad for not updating my blog for so long. Yup, we seniors are all a bunch of lazy bums.

Anyway lets recap what have happened so far.

During summer I got my first summer job ever (finally) at the USC Hong Kong Regional Office. Basically I just need to go to the office every morning and be just there (and maybe help out with some basic and easy stuff) until the afternoon when my boss came back and we all (interns, assistant, secretary, just everyone) will really start working. Pretty awesome. I even had my own team of interns which I basically was a leader to boss them around.

Second job (yup, with no breaks in between) I worked at the Langham Mall as a assistant to the director or something like that. The people were so nice and we had fun everyday. Nothing much to say.

AND...SENIOR year baby. Yeah last year in high school. I am taking 3 APs this year (four, if you count Econ as two because I have to take two exams for that), but overall I like the classes this year better. Even sexier, during first quarter I have three free periods every other day. Sweet stuff. But now I have to do college application and essays, which are pains in my Asian ass.

Red Alert 3 just came out a couple weeks ago which I have to upgrade my desktop's system in order to play it. Spent so much, but it is still worth it.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention the most remarkable thing I have done this year: running through a banner. LOL I was picked by my coach to lead like 30 athletes from different team to run through a banner during a new school field opening. Haha I remembered when they called us to come in, I just sprinted through the banner, ripping it apart with a rugby ball in one arm and dashed to the other end of the field (the touch down area) with the four other guys chosen from my team. We sort of formed a triangle with me in the center and I just doved forward for a try (score). and by the way... YEAH OBAMA!!!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Asian Pie Season 2: Viva la Vida

Can't believe it.... it has been more than a year since I started this blog, and that means Junior is over. Phew, one hella nightmare, but it is only the beginning. only the beginning.

Since the day I asked Bianca to be my prom date, the two of us have been getting closer, much closer than before. Well nothing too special happened until May 16, my freaking birthday. That week I had been trying to call my bros and sis to hang out withme on that special lil' day (which is a Friday TGIF), but no matter who I called, they just wouldn't pick up the phone, or if they did they all told me they were busy that day. Hah, lonely sweet 17.

However I ended up hanging out with Bianca that night. We stayed at a Pacific Coffee where we talked, talked, talked, and at 9:00pm she told me she had to meet up with her mom in downtown. Yeah well, I guess it's time for me to leave as well. I told her that I could share a cab with her since I might be able to find someone in Lan Kwai (or else I will be spending my birthday night all by myself)

For some special reason, she kept on insisting that I should return home first. After much persuasion, I really did head home with her. Once at my place, she asked if she could use the bathroom, and so off we go into my crib. Mom opened the door and welcomed us (with a weird smile, probably because it was my bday). Bianca and mom seemed to get along (nice! Mom thinks she is cute :] ) and surprisingly mom asked me show Bianca my room (asking your son to show a girl your bedroom? Really not 'traditional'). The two of us walked in together........... and I turned the doorknob...........

There were thirty freaking people inside, all rushing towards me, hugs and kisses (yeah, including my guy friends) and there goes my MASSIVE surprise party. They then took out a keg of beer (my bday cake) and put a candle on it. LOL, we then all watched discovery channel: Wild Sex (not my idea, blame Drew and Nate).

And the next week.....PROMM.

Since i was in the freaking Prom Committee, I had to arrive to Disneyland (prom with Micky? lol) and set up the place. At 5, my Dad's friend uncle Walter lend me his driver to pick up Bianca...and her friends as well, and they were an hour late :p but it's worth it, let me tell you why.

After I received a phone call from Bianca telling me she was almost there, I dashed to the entrance and waited for her, and after a while a really beeeaaaaauuuuutiful girl (I saw an angel, for that I am sure. You're beautiful, you're beautiful it's true) stood in front of me and I couldn't recognize that she is Bianca, the most stunning girl that night.

and here goes the protagonists of Asian Pie 2: Viva la Vida

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Damn, i have totally forgotten to update my blog for 4 freaking months. well, usually i will come up with excuses like "studying too hard...blah blah blah", but not this time. I guess i should update more frequently from now on...

AP mock exams are coming up. I only have AP stat, but that is torturous enough already. And after that, AP exam, school subject exam, SAT, SAT II, a whole semester of college application. shit...

but hey, lets go back to the topic k..."PROMM?"

Haha yeah, i guess yall have figured out it has something to do with prom. it's Asian Pie all over again. lol I asked my friend Bianca yesterday to be my an unique way. I got Austin, Ian, Jason, Andrew, Porro, and Kabir to help me out. Each of them had a letter written on their stomachs that was supposed to spell out "PROM" (Porro accidentally drew an extra M). I found her outside of the language classrooms so i invited her to see something "really interesting" (she thought we were going to jump a teacher lol), and when she was standing with the bystanders (thats right, there were so many people watching us), we lifted our shirts(actually not me; i have nothing written on my stomach) and pointed at her. I then walked to her and asked if she would like to go to prom with me.  She became so excited and immediately said yes. phew.  

PROMM? (you can barely see the words though. Ian's arm blocked Austin's P, Jason trying to cover his PHAT stomach, while Kabir's ? was fading.

haha my prom date

Thursday, January 3, 2008

something i should have done 5 days ago

so 2008.....year of the CHINESE. thats right, Beijing olympics

but that will be six months away, anyway here is a list of things i did in 2007 that i feel proud to talk about

  1. Last Crabshack performance before the arguement (sad, but we still did a good job)
  2. Acing every subject in the semester I exam
  3. Interum to northern China
  4. RUGBY SEVENS! (and dressing up as a Russian soldier on the finals)
  5. Sweet 16 bday party at Cova (first party to have so many girls coming, dancing with Nate and Drew in front of everyone in the restraunt, slow dancing with Chelsea, chaotic party at my place, seeing Nate and Gerard being drunk and climbed up to my place)
  6. First time to sneak into a bar (the BARN), to be really drunk, and of course, to be caught redhanded by parents...
  7. Last day of semester II exam (including Gerbil's junk party)
  8. Mongolia service trip (except for the homework part)
  9. achieving high honors
  10. UCLA CAMP!!!!! (the best thing in 2007)
  11. My Pre-junior year yacht party
  12. Encounter with Ana in American club
  13. first time to Lan Kwai
  14. First time to be out with only a girl
  15. my Spanish project (El Perro)
  16. trip to Macau with Gerard, Kabir, Jon, Katie, Ruthie and Dorine in Ho's style
  17. NBA live game
  18. most expensive Christmas i have recieved in my whole live
  19. American Pie Christmas party at my place
  20. Countdown party at my place (transforming my place into a frat house in the mean time)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Wolf, Fox, Dog, and Bird

You know, I was thinking about doing something huge before 2008 last week. Lots of huge things happened in my Christmas vacation (just want to wish Jesus a happy birthday again here): "accidentally" upgraded to a first class cabin is a massive one. Lol I wasn't expecting that. The whole seat was around 3 meters long and 1 and a half wide. That is the shit.

But something massive but crappy also bro Gerard rang me and told me the girl I have a crush on made out with some other dude, and that night I could not sleep (still hurts now) and I decided to take a walk around the city...bumped into lots of hoes and pimps though, but ended up in a Cuban bar. sigh...

but back in Hong Kong, I did something that become one of the highlight of 2007. At 0153 of 27 Dec, Bird (my bastard friend 'Gaybriel') rang me (and he named me Wolf) and asked if I want to spend a night out with him, his Nike-sponsored neighbor and Dog (my faggot friend Jon) since it was his birthday. Although nervous, there was no party without the Wrong Enders. So I grabbed my skateboard, put on my skate clothes, stuffed huge cushions in my bed and sneaked out of the back door (which i didn't lock it). We took a cab to downtown and skated for a couple of hours. We got some smirnoff and went to a computer bar where we played his favourite game until 4 am, which the four of us ran down to catch a cab home...but that wasn't over yet. When I got back, the back door was LOCKED and I didn't ring the bell because I didn't wanna tick off my dear old Darth mom and Vader dad. I decided to stay until my maid take the trash out...but she seemed to have forgotten to. But still I waited until 7 am when the paper dude dropped off the news, which my maid would unlock the front door and my dog (not Jon, just my dog Rocky) wouldn't bark at that (she would sound the alarm if I unlock the door from the the outside) and at that point I successfully sneaked back in.

but last I had a surprise bday party for Bird, which I invited all of my friends ( including the girl that i like) to my apartment. We ended up watching the newest American Pie (Beta House) and played manhunt in the park, which then I told 'her' about our nicknames, and she named herself 'Fox'. yall get the point.